Alex Meadows - Executive Director

Alex Meadows is the driving force behind The Great Spectacular. This is Alex’s first charity event of this scale. Alex is a hairdresser in Victoria Park that just knows a lot of cool, talented and theatrical people, and she makes sure she tells them every time you visit. Alex is the biggest supporter of her clients, and when they are performing Alex will try to support where she can.

Alex has been hairdressing since 1999 and what a ride it has been. She has absorbed so much of people’s stories and has learnt that the textures of tapestry for people's lives is amazing, she has learnt so much from everybody she worked with.

The top three things Alex has learnt are:
  1. Don't judge because life is ironic
  2. You can't save anyone but yourself but you sure can lend a kind ear
  3. Don't wait to do the thing, you'll never feel ready but surrounding yourself with skilled and talented people insights growth. Humiliation is laughable in time but regret always taste like ash

So Alex is doing" the thing" surrounded by people that are skilled in areas that she is not, so that she can grow into a better person. In time all the hurdles can be laughed at, the only aftertaste will be sweet accomplishment and cotton candy.

Alex’s idea for this event has been to squish all these talented people she’s met on her journey into one room and raise money for a very worthy cause. It takes a village to raise and protect children, so she assembled one to help do just that.

Alex Meadows - Executive Director portrait

Lauren Paunich -
Event Coordinator / Interior Designer

Lauren Paunich is an Interior Designer and the creative behind Paunich Designs. With a high love for bold colours, eccentric designs and emotionally promoting environments.

She uses Emotions as a driver for a large proportion of her projects as she believe we all relate and understand emotions even those more negative and dark. Lauren aspires to challenge and question the social norms of today’s societies and future worlds through the use of Interior Design.

Lauren Paunich portrait

Indiana De Paolis -
Event Coordinator / Graphic Designer

Indiana De Paolis is a Graphic Designer and the owner of Indi Studios. Indiana went to Curtin University and has a bachelors degree in Graphic Design & Creative Advertising. Indiana has 4+ years experience in Graphic Design, specialising in UI/UX Design, Print Design and Brand Strategy.

Her driving force behind graphic design is to turn her clients visions into reality, creating life from a simple idea into an impactful difference.

Indiana De Paolis portrait

Gail Lusted -
Stage Manager

Gail is the Director of Teens At Garrick - a monthly theatre group for teenagers, directing/assisting Snow Queen, Dreamjobs, Game of Tiaras, The Tempest and in 2019, Agatha Rex and Shirley Holmes and Jenny Watson; Hound of the Baskervilles.

She arrived in Perth, late 2003, and became involved in many areas of theatre including Master Coach at Stargate Actors Academy, Barking Gecko, Majkidz and StageCoach, as tutor, writer and director and even local host for Australian Idol.

Since moving to Perth, she has performed at Old Mill Theatre in Jakes Women, - Karen (2008), We Happy Few – Helen (2009), Hamlet – Gertrude (2011) and A Conversation – Coral (2013).

In 2012 she played Ruth in Calendar Girls, at Garrick Theatre, winning the Best Actress Award for that year. This was reprised at Stirling Theatre 2016. Because she is a glutton for punishment, again worked with director Dale James in Silver Linings, as Hope.

Indiana De Paolis portrait